Server Rules

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General Rules, ArmA series Server Rules, Teamspeak Rules

General Remarks
Server Main Language is English but if you feel more confident within your mother tongue give it a try – as we are a multinational squad we might get a grip on what you are saying…

Gamers who just started to play the ArmA series are welcome on our Server and Teamspeak. All {TNT} members will help and support those players up to a certain degree – just ask. This doesn’t include reading you the whole manual! Non {TNT} players on our Server are expected to at least accept new players (we don’t like the term “noob”- we all have been one once…). Last but not least: We expect players to work towards achieving their object as a Team and act in a mature and friendly manner.
{TNT} members always act as Server Admins. Their requests are to be followed. They will judge their actions according to the following ArmA series Server and Teamspeak Rules.

The Penalties for not obeying the following rules will vary as laid down in Paragraph 21. If there is a range of different penalties, the appropriate penalty is to be chosen by the Server Admin in charge.
If a player doesn’t know why he received a penalty or disagrees with it, he might post in our forum, or send a PM to {TNT}Hooligan, {TNT}Caliban55,  {TNT}DieFast, {TNT}Ezzyee or {TNT}Sarge-dfsc.
Non {TNT} players, who witness other players not acting according the ArmA series Server and Teamspeak Rules are kindly requested to report to a Server Admin (ie. {TNT} member) or - if no Server Admin is available – asking the accused player to correct his behavior by explaining and referring towards these rules. Please keep in mind, that this also has to be done in a friendly and mature manner. False behavior of one player doesn’t give you the right to insult the accused one. In case the corrected player is ignoring this hint, {TNT} kindly requests to file a short notice in the forum under the appropriate forum section for that game.

Recruitment of players or advertising for clans / player communities or servers other than {TNT} is prohibited and will result in a ban.

Cheating in any form, be it the unauthorized use of electronical aiders (i.e. utilities and/ or mods such as “aimbot” or “spambots”) or unauthorized tactics/ behavior (for example playing as “red team” and reporting their actions to “blue team”) is prohibited and will generally be covered with a ban.

Deliberate, intentional Teamkilling (TK) of players, vehicles or buildings is prohibited. If it is needed to be done for the purposes of a respawn, players are advised to ask a Server Admin for permission to do so prior to their action. If none is available the majority of players in his team will decide*.
*keep in mind, that even a wrecked vehicle might be taken off the Battlefield and get repair. See also §§ 15/ 16.

Insults or verbal abuse, both within the “in-game chat” as well as in Teamspeak are prohibited.

Infesting (aka spamming) the “in-game chat” or the “Vent” in any form is prohibited. The same goes for spamming the game with custom sounds.

All players are advised to keep their acts within the Charter of Human Rights and Principles ( for the Internet. Any behavior against this Charter is forbidden on our servers. This includes in particular all provisions for data misuse, such as the unauthorized use of passwords or retrieving and using information about other people.

"Friendly Fire or blue on blue"(eg. by artillery, air strikes, etc.) might happen but will be strictly observed on this server. If those accidents happen in a too high frequency, players who commence these failures will be kicked immediately.

Player names such as "Player, User, Admin, Administrator", or with other inappropriate Nicknames are not allowed on {TNT} Server. The same goes for too many special characters in their names. Please keep it easy, straight and not insulting. A failure to this rule will result in a Serverkick. Repetitive ignorance of this rule will be punished with a permanent Ban.

Player distinguishing them self through selfish behavior, this includes eg. Vehicle theft, shooting on own vehicles occupied either with human player or with bots (if empty see § 3), selfish handling of vehicles like helicopter, etc. will be made aware of their misconduct by either other player or by an admin telling them to stop this. A player disregarding or ignoring this advice will be punishable as laid down in Paragraph 21.

Player under 16 are prohibited to play on our game servers (ArmA series). This rule doesn't apply for Registering on our site and the use of our Teamspeak. Player under 16 who ignore this rule or player who give the appearance of being under 16, can be charged with a ban according to Paragraph 21.

As {TNT} is a international family of members distributed all around the world, the Main Language to be used within the game server as well as the Vent is English. Anyone who wishes to use a different language might form a squad and use the appropriate squad-channel. Ignoring this rule, in particular after being requested by an Server Admin to act according this rule, might be punished with a server ban.

Broken Vehicles are usually to be towed to the nearest town for repair.

Pioneer/ Engineer classes are obliged to repair and towing vehicles.

Pioneers/ Engineers classes need a repair truck to build a FARP. Non Pioneer/ Engineer classes taking the repair truck for reasons other then the above mentioned must expect punishment.


Helicopter pilots are prompted to transport as many players into the combat zone as possible. Those who cannot fly so well are requested to practice in single player or Editor mode or a LAN server first. Anyone pretending being a good pilot but instead proves he is not, might be kicked off the server.

On our Server there is no ownership of vehicles. Leaving a vehicle, means it is now unoccupied and therefore available for other players. This goes not for Pioneers/ Engineers while fulfilling their obligations. However, usage of vehicles is a question of proper coordination and therefore communication between the TEAMPLAYER is essential.

The side missions are an important part of the map. They are fun and can be done by a small infantry unit.

Anyone destroying side missions by air attack or Artillery will be kicked.

Within the Website and Forum under as well as in-game and in Teamspeak must always be the same nickname be in use. Therefore, when choosing a nickname it has to be made sure that special characters, if used, will be accepted by all 3 systems.

§ 21 Punishments
The following penalties will be imposed for violations of server rules:
- Breach § 1 = Ban for 12 months up to indefinitely
- Breach § 2 = Ban for 6 months up to indefinitely
- Breach §§ 3 - 9 = Kick or Ban for a day up to PermaBan
- Breach § 10 = - Ban up to the month the player fulfills age 16.
- Player with childish appearance:
Kick or Ban up to PermaBan
- Breach § 11 = Kick or Ban for a day up to PermaBan
- Breach §§ 12 - 19 = Ignore Map- and/or Mission rules= Kick
Repeating ignorance= Ban up to PermaBan
- Breach § 20 = Kick or Ban for a day up to PermaBan