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Membership Application

Written by Super User. Posted in {TNT}Squad News

If you are interested in becoming a {TNT}Squad member, here is a short guideline of the first steps neccessary and a few explanations of what the memberships stands for.
We are a gaming community here which mainly focusses on COOP gametypes (in this context, COOP means humans against computer AI).

The {TNT}Squad membership is usually only available by invitation, which means, that just registering on the forum, or writing/publishing an introduction/membership application does not automatically entitle you to put in the {TNT} in any form.


The minium age to be invited into the {TNT} community is 20. There may be exceptions, but those have to be handled individually from case to case.

We will inform you in your application post when you can put in the {TNT} tag, or a member with the neccessary authority will inform you in the Teamspeak, so please check your application in frequent intervalls, if there is a change of status. You are responsible for verifying the actual membership status. Please do not put in the {TNT} tag in any form before you have the neccessary status, this will, at best, force you to remove the tag again.

We do not use "hard" gameplay criteria here, like game performance, score, skill; time is only considered in the context of how good we know you. This means, that you will of course need to spend some time around on the gameservers and the Teamspeak.

We do not approve of "community hopping" here (this means that you sign up with every community for whatever reason and that you are only present 5 days during the year).
Altough you do not sign a pact for the rest of you life here, being accepted as {TNT}Squad member does not mean that you play on the gameservers for a few weeks and then never come back. For this you do not need to become a member and we can save both your and our time with setting you up with a {TNT}Squad membership account.

We also request that you read and understand the server rules and do not go against them.

A community is defined by it's members, so an interaction both on the forum and the Teamspeak is required.

What is required is:

  • We have to know you and you us.
  • You have to fit into the commuity with the other members.
  • A Teamspeak connection is usually required, together with the ability to speak and understand the english language.
  • You must post an introduction in the forum under the Recruiting section, which at least includes your First Name, Age, ingame name or nickname and where you live. Please post the introduction in the following forum section: Recruiting forum
  • At least two existing {TNT}Squad members have to sponsor you. They will have to post their support in your application. The idea behind this is, that you activley communicate with other members and get to know the community.

One exception from this is the old "nepotism" rule: if a family member is already a {TNT}Squad member, the above requirements are not applied, except for the introduction on the forum.

If your application was accepted, please post in your application thread wether you accept the invitation, or not, within a reasonable time (7 days), or the application will expire and a new one is possible after 3 months.

Only members who are longer part of the {TNT} community for more than 4 month are eligible to sponsor an membership application request.

Here is a short template you can use if you want to. Please create a sepperate topic for your introduction in the form "Your ingame/nickname introduction", for example John's introduction.

Ingame name or nickname:
Primary played game(s):

Short introduction text here please.